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The passion behind Vivo Vita Sport (VVS) is truly inspiring, driven by the genuine enthusiasm and love for sports and the outdoors that both Mari Du Toit and Janine Muller possess. Their shared interest in these activities led them to establish the business in 2012.

“Vivo Vita,” meaning “Live Life,” serves as a powerful representation of their philosophy to embrace an active and adventurous lifestyle. It showcases their commitment to encouraging others to fully experience and enjoy life through sports and outdoor activities.

Mari Du Toit

Mari Du Toit 

Mari Du Toit brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the business. With 13 years of experience in sales and marketing, her background includes representing renowned brands like New Balance and Hi-Tec. This experience shows in her strong understanding of the sports and outdoor industry.

Mari's passion for every brand she is associated with is a remarkable quality that sets her apart. This deep connection to the products and values of the brands she represents translates into a genuine and enthusiastic approach to promoting and selling them. Such passion is infectious and has a positive impact on the relationship between Vivo Vita Sport and its customers.

What stands out most about Mari is her unwavering commitment to doing business the right way. For her, ethical conduct and integrity are non-negotiable aspects of running the business. This ensures that Vivo Vita Sport operates with honesty, transparency, and customer-centricity, ultimately leading to trust and loyalty from customers.

Janine Muller brings valuable experience and qualities to Vivo Vita Sport. With 8 years of experience in the sales industry, she has a solid foundation in understanding customer needs. Her associations with reputable brands such as PGA of SA, Rudy Project, and Hi-Tec show her exposure to diverse product lines and industries within the sports and outdoor market.

Janine's pride in her product knowledge is a notable strength. A deep understanding of the products she sells allows her to provide accurate and helpful information to customers, aiding them in making informed purchasing decisions. This expertise enhances customer trust, as they can rely on Janine for valuable insights and recommendations.

Her focus is on building long-standing relationships with customers. By prioritising loyalty and customer satisfaction, Janine aims to foster strong connections with individuals who support Vivo Vita Sport. Repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals often result from such customer-centric practices.

Janine Muller

Janine Muller 

Both Mari and Janine are enthusiastic mountain bikers and their active involvement in the cycling community further strengthens their commitment to promoting sports, particularly among women. They have a shared mission of getting more women involved in cycling, aiming to break barriers and stereotypes in the industry.

Their commitment to partnering with brands that share the same vision highlights their desire to work with like-minded companies and contribute to a positive impact on the sports and outdoor community.

Overall, their passion for sports, the outdoors, and promoting an active lifestyle is the driving force behind Vivo Vita Sport. Their dedication to providing exceptional service fostering long-lasting relationships and offering unique and niche products further enhances their mission of inspiring customers to embrace a fulfilling and active way of life.  

Vivo Vita Sport 

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