“There are five types of people you want to surround yourself with: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful and the open-minded”

This is a quote that Vivo Vita Sport, the official distributor of USWE (pronounced YOU-SWII), stand behind, and one that strongly resonates with First Move Sport when seeking new partnerships. It was instantly apparent when meeting with the team behind Vivo Vita Sport that this partnership was a match made in heaven. 

USWE hydration packs, with their award-winning design and their patented technology creating the perfect fit, will ensure that Jacques Janse van Rensburg and Jaco Venter will be able to focus on racing when they take on the Tour de France of Mountain biking, the Absa Cape Epic next month. 

With the confidence of having trialled the USWE hydration packs at the Attakwas and Tankwa Trek events earlier this year, the strategy to go with hydration packs over the use of conventional water bottles is a no-brainer.

Janse van Rensburg explains “The USWE hydration pack is incredibly comfortable, it is 100% bounce-free and sits very snug on your body even through rough technical sections. I didn’t struggle to drink, especially in a race like Tankwa Trek where the route is known for its rocky and technical terrain.”

“Another big advantage is that you don’t run the risk of losing bottles which happens often and can be costly especially in a stage race. We raced with the Outlander 2 at Attakwas and Tankwa Trek and the benefit of having your hydration secure allows you to drink more throughout the stage regardless of the terrain. This is super important to allow faster recovery post-stage” continued Venter.

“The perception in the cycling community is that a hydration pack is sluggish and a very uncomfortable and unnecessary weight adding item to carry with you on your bike. That is why we call them Action Packs, with so many added benefits! All USWE packs are designed so that you can wear them in action, with a super race fit, so it’s like wearing nothing at all. Our NDM™ technology is proven and tested and it works for both men and women in different sizes. The 4-point adjustment straps are there to perfectly fit your body. The packs are built to go light and fast in all types of race conditions. Whether you are a racer or a passionate amateur, this pack will be your best bud wherever you go.” added Janine Muller of Vivo Vita Sport.

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