At USWE we always do things that no one has done before. Therefore, we decided to revolutionize winter insulation technology with our unique technology called Thermo Cell, which we have developed under very special conditions. The technology successfully been tested in -26 °C / -15 °F cold temperature by us and our technology is based on 3 major things


  • Encapsulating heat from physical activity into an insulated pocket.
  • Protecting the drink tube from freezing temperatures and weather conditions.
  • A perfect fit that allow you the freedom to move and breathe without restrictions.


Impoved way to insulate your hydration


Wide size range for a perfect fit.


Designed & Tested For Men & Women


During our multi-year collaboration with the traditionary cross-country ski events Vasaloppet® in Sweden and Birken® in Norway, we’ve had the opportunity to study and interact with thousands of end users. At marathon winter activities, frozen hydration tubes and bite valves is becoming one of the biggest issues for the skiers that use hydration backpacks and hip-packs

When it was time to do the fine adjustments on the technology we contacted the legendary Swedish cross-country skier Johan Olsson (2x World Champion 50km). We knew he was meticulous and extremely picky with his equipment, which was a perfect match for our odd project.

”Over the years I’ve been having problems where the tube got frozen on my hydration backpack despite the weather not being too cold. After many attempts on my own where I tried different approaches without a satisfactory result, I had given up the possibility of using hydration backpacks in the winter. Now when I got to participate in the development of USWE’s new winter technology, I feel it’s incredibly inspiring because I’ll never need to worry about the hydration getting frozen. In addition, the backbacks are incredibly well made where the fit actually makes me not even think about wearing it when in action”.

-Johan Olsson


Thermo Cell is equipped with a multilayer insulation cover that reflects the heat on the inside and shields from the cold and wind from the outside. By its design, the Thermo Cell closes tightly to the body and a thin mesh membrane permits maximum body heat to pass through. Used in this way the body heat feeds the Thermo Cell with thermal energy. Smart!

  • Thermocell Layers
  • Exterior Outer layer: Insulation cover for drink tube & bite valve. Stops all wind speed and keeps the cold out.
  • Exterior Inner layer: Heat reflective material with the function of reflecting up to 100% thermal radiation.
  • Inside: Tightly sealed mesh membrane that permits maximum body heat.
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