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Orucase meaning

Oru: おる to fold; to bend; to make (origami)

About Us

We like to make stuff at Orucase. And it all started with trying to pack a bicycle into the smallest space possible. We were bike racers, down to our last bit of cash, trying to make it to the last race of the season to collect our season overall prize purses. But there were these massive bike fees standing in our way, if you’ve ever flown with a bike you’re well aware of the potential costs associated with flying with a bike. So we bought some fabric, foam, and a thrift store sewing machine and got to work turning this flat piece of fabric into a 3 dimensional shape that we could pack our bikes into. We almost had to “fold” our bikes to get it to fit within the airline regulations. Our prototype worked, and soon other racers were asking about our cases, and Orucase was founded.

Built by Cycling

We didn’t set out to create a whole new category in bicycle travel cases – we simply saw bike fees as an obstacle that stood in the way of reaching our goals in cycling, and the Airport Ninja was our solution. Cycling was our full-time job for almost a decade. It taught us the importance of discipline and hard work, but it also taught us that we do our best when we keep things fun. It gave us our closest friends, and it gave us a way to get out and experience new places.

There are more ways to get involved in cycling now than ever before, and more people than ever to share it with. Whether you’re racing at the highest level, staying fit on gravel or singletrack, or learning to ride a bike for the first time, what’s important is that you’re out there doing it. At Orucase, we strive to create products that make riding and traveling with a bike more convenient and more fun, so that we can all ride more places, more often. We never imagined the places cycling would take us, and now we’re excited to help you EXPLORE THE WORLD BY BIKE.


Our Top Tube Bag uses a special magnetic zipper that allows for instantaneous one handed opening and closing.


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