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Alba Optics

Alba means new life

About Us

With Alba Optics we want to bring the iconic shapes of the past back to life, adapting to the latest modern technology.

The ALBA Optics team proudly stands behind athletes all over the world, with a profound respect for those who strive to improve their performance and realise their dreams. They therefore focus on offering a design product that is beautiful and meets the highest performance standards possible. They share a passion for cycling culture, outdoor sport and nature. These values are celebrated through their designs, their campaigns and collaborative community projects.

We believe it’s time for a new type of eyewear, that speaks of performance and results, but also the quality of life. The goal is not to finish first, but to get wherever you want, in any condition.

The VZUM lens

High definition lens by Alba Optics

Light is a fundamental component that determines of all our choices. VZUM™ lenses have only one objective: to provide athletes with the maximum visual experience in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain. The range of colours carefully developed by ALBA Optics aims to enhance colour saturation and balance visual contrasts, thus increasing the perception of sharpness and details.

The material of which VZUM™ lenses are composed of is a durable ultra-light polycarbonate. This offers fundamental protection to avoid straining eyes and the lenses maintain these characteristics for the total cycle of use.

Thanks to this versatility, VZUM™ lenses offer the best sports experience ever.

Which lens?

  1. Choose the environment
  2. Select your activity
  3. Decide which colours are the most important


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